Examination, preparation and correction of foodstuff labelling

Food labelling includes words, data, visual material, trademark, registered trade name and symbol related to the foodstuffs provided on the package, document, leaflet or label. The labelling information provided mustn’t mislead the consumer.

The basic act that governs general foodstuffs is the regulation (EU) No 1169/2011 of the European Parliament and of the Council of October 25, 2011 on the provision of food information to consumers <…> (OL 2011 L 304, p.18).

This regulation is applied to food business operators, producers and traders as well as to all product importers to the EU, at all stages of the food supply chain when their activities relate to the provision of food information to customers. The regulation applies to all foodstuffs intended for the final consumer, including foodstuffs supplied by mass caterers and foodstuffs intended for mass caterers. The regulation doesn’t apply to the occasional handling and delivery of food, the serving of meals and the selling of food by private persons, for example at charity events or local community fairs and meetings.

The regulation states that a food business operator who’s responsible for providing information about food is the operator under whose surname or company name the foodstuffs are sold or if the operator isn’t registered in the  EU and is an importer into the EU market.

Moreover, there are more special legislations governing the labelling of separate foodstuffs.

These requirements provide not only more transparency within the foodstuff market (consumers are appropriately informed), but also cause many problems to business professionals. Therefore, we provide food labelling examination services to companies.

Services provided:

  • We consult and provide information on legislation requirements in the EU and Lithuania that govern the labelling of foodstuffs
  • We prepare foodstuff labels
  • We adjust foodstuff labels according to individual legislation requirements
  • We carry out a conformity assessment of nutrition and health claims
  • We carry out an examination of imported foodstuff labels whilst assessing conformity according to the legislation requirements of the EU and Lithuania
  • We carry out a nutrition declaration expression assessment and count the energy content and nutritional value of foodstuffs

Client benefits:

Quality. Excellence. Punctuality.